Inspections and Certifications
Thompson Elevator Inspection Service provides inspections for conveyances on behalf of municipalities, county offices, school districts and other governmental bodies throughout Illinois.

We also provide:

  • Witness and document Annual Hydraulic System Pressure Tests, 5-year Governor Safety Test, and Escalator Testing
  • Witness and document Fire Alarm Recall Test
  • Full Service Architectural Plan Review for New Construction and Modernization Projects
  • Emergency Rescue and Operation Training for Fire Departments
  • Assistance with Registration and Certification through the Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal

Fire Service and Rescue Training
We provide Classroom and Field Training Instruction by a QEI Certified Elevator Inspector for the following:

Fire Service

  • Phase 1 & 2
  • Proper Signage
  • Smoke Sensor Recall
  • Shunt Trip Operation

Rescue Training

  • Hydraulic Elevator
  • Manual Lowering
  • Traction (Cable) Elevator
  • Leapfrog and Escape Hatch Methods

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