Elevator Testing FAQs

How do I register my conveyance?

Go to Illinois State Fire Marshal website, Applications and Forms page

What is a QEI?

QEI stands for Qualified Elevator Inspector. All of our inspectors are QEI certified and licensed by the State of Illinois and meet the requirements of the ASME QEI-1 Standard for Qualification of Elevator Inspectors. This is accredited by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

How do I schedule a Category 1- Hydraulic "pressure test" or any other category test?

Contact our office for details

What do I need to do to permanently shut down my elevator (i.e. decommission conveyance)?

Step 1: Ensure ADA requirements would still be met.
Step 2: Verification from your municipality is highly recommended.
Step 3: Follow Decommissioning Procedures.
Step 4: Schedule close out inspection with our company

Where can I find more information?

International Code Council (ICC)
Illinois State Fire Marshal- Elevator Safety Division
Elevator Safety and Regulation Act

State Regulations & Links:
Register your conveyance
Application for Certificate of Operation
Out of Service Conveyance
Accident/Incident Reporting
Statues & Rules

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